AIW Coach Re-Certification Requirements

In fall 2015, Center for AIW Leadership Team changed the AIW recertification policy for Coaches. Unlike previous years, there is one form to self-document your AIW participation. The form may be filled out any time between March 1 and June 30th, when you have completed the requirements listed below.

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Recertification Requirements

  1. Actively Engaging in AIW Work: Actively coached AIW at a school in the past 24 months, or have been actively doing/using AIW in some other capacity.
  2. Reflection/Learning Team for Growth: The focus is on improving as a coach in structured conversations that include other people in addition to the “presenting” coach. Note: LT4G online submission forms are no longer required. However, coaches will be asked to submit one  You will be asked to list your AIW learning experiences prior to June 30, 2016.paragraph per conversation that describes the coach’s key learning prior to June 30, 2016.
  3. Three (3) Collaborative Learning Events: Regularly participates in ongoing growth opportunities where s/he is a learner not leader, such as in the AIW Coaches Network or Unit Planning Cohort, or learning at AIW institutes, such as Mid-Year or Next Steps Academy (in a T1 role as a learner).At least AIW learning experiences with AIW Coaches you don’t normally work with (ideally from outside of your own school, district or work environment) for new ideas and fresh perspectives about AIW implementation.

Required Documentation: Re-certification Form


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