Become An AIW Coach

The primary reason schools send educators to become local coaches is to increase the school or district’s internal capacity and enrich staff AIW learning as the work evolves.

While the coaching curriculum is designed to build strong local leadership that supports the sustainability of AIW reform, what local coaches tell us they love are the unforeseen perks indicative of a cohort experience. These include the relationships they develop with like-minded educators, collaborative problem solving across districts, improved scoring using AIW at more advanced levels, and the individualized mentorship provided to enhance their personal learning. By the end of the residency, not only have districts gotten strong local leadership—the journey transforms each educator involved.

Is Coaching Right for You?

In our experience, successful local Coaches-in-Residence enter the cohort with the following experience and dispositions:

  • A strong scoring ability in AIW with fluency scoring tasks and student work in most subjects.
  • Experience scoring their own instruction, in addition to scoring tasks and student work.
  • A strong interest in building-based professional development.
  • A strong interest in personal reflection.
  • Willingness to push others forward in professional practice.
  • Experience building leadership and interest in working collaboratively towards transformational change at the building level.
  • At least one year of active and constructive participation on an AIW team, demonstrating reliability, openness, and ongoing interest in AIW.

The Process

The Center for AIW believes in developing local capacity to sustain the reform work. Once the AIW reform has taken hold at a site, the leadership team may nominate two or more staff to become Local AIW Coaches.

These Local Coaches become the site’s vision-keepers of the reform by:

  • Planning the professional development for the building through an AIW lens, and
  • Keeping the effort cohesive by bridging leadership with staff and central office.
  • The pathway of required experiences for consideration includes:
  • Scoring regularly on an AIW team for at least one year
  • Participating in leadership team meetings with the Lead Coach
  • Demonstrating leadership in AIW in the school or district
  • Demonstrating skills in collaboration and facilitation in working with teachers
  • Attending the AIW Coordinator’s Academy
  • Helping plan staff development for school or district

Once selected, Local Coaches participate in a year-long cohort experience and receive ongoing support from Center AIW coaches and job-alike mentors who have successfully completed AIW Local coaches portfolio.

Experiences includes:

  • Local Coach’s Summer Institute
  • Three Institutes during the school year
  • One Skype conference
  • Reflection using the Learning Team 4 Growth protocol

*Please note: This certification is not available to educators who are not currently participating with an AIW school.

Lead Coach Development

To become an AIW Lead Coach, you must work as a liaison with a current certified Lead Coach. This certification is not available to educators who are not currently participating with an AIW school. The roles of a Lead Coach include the following:

  • The Lead Coach facilitates leadership team meetings where the administration, school AIW team leaders, and AEA staff from two or more sites come together to practice scoring and plan ongoing building-based AIW implementation.
  • The Lead AIW Coach works off-site with the AIW team leaders, building administration, and the AIW Liaison.
  • The Coach participates and facilitates sessions at the Kick-Off and Mid-Year Institutes, and leads Kick-Off Events at their schools as they expand AIW team members.
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