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AIW Resources are vital to our process. Although some are publicly available (for purchase and for free), our AIW cohorts have unique materials exclusively for participants.


AIW Materials Available for Purchase

standards-scoring-criteriaTeaching for Authentic Intellectual Work: Standards and Scoring Criteria for Teachers’ Tasks, Student Performance and Instruction 

(2009) Fred M. Newmann, M. Bruce King, and Dana L. Carmichael

Teachers who emphasize Authentic Intellectual Work transform student learning. This manual is designed to encourage teacher reflection that carefully considers the kinds of intellectual challenges and expectations they promote in lessons, assignments, assessments and the corresponding student work.

The standards and scoring criteria in this manual are based on years of research and work with teachers in schools. They are intended to help teachers to collaboratively discuss, provide feedback and improve their practice in ways that will build their common understanding and enhance student learning.

$14.95, 90 pages, Purchase Here

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Authentic Intellectual Work: Improving Teaching for Rigorous Learning Authentic Intellectual Work Book

(2016) Fred M. Newmann, Dana L. Carmichael, and M. Bruce King

In spite of numerous reforms to improve rigor and relevance in the classroom, schools have been slow to change. This work provides

  • A research-validated, field-tested framework that can be applied across grades and disciplines
  • A powerful professional learning component that emphasizes teacher collaboration
  • Detailed examples of lessons, assignments, assessment tasks, and student work

Backed by over 20 years of research, the Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) framework helps school-based teams improve the quality of instruction, assessment, and curriculum for higher and more equitable student learning.

$34.95, 152 pages, Purchase Here

How Schools and Districts Meet Rigorous Standards Through Authentic Intellectual Work: Lessons AIW rigorous standardsFrom the Field

(2016) M. Bruce King, Editor

Educators have long called for more rigor and engagement in classroom work, alongside calls for enhancing equity. Yet classroom practices and student outcomes have been slow to change. A promising solution is the research-backed, real world-tested potential of the Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) framework to meet intellectually challenging standards including Common Core. This book provides

  • Richly-detailed case studies of successful AIW implementation at the statewide, districtwide, and individual school levels
  • Illustrations of collaborative teaming to advance higher-order thinking, disciplined inquiry, and value beyond school

Exemplars of how AIW transforms professional development and evaluations and increases coherence and alignment of initiatives.

$34.95, (176 pages), Purchase Here


The AIW Journey: A Guide for Reflective Practice aiw journey

(2013) Dana Carmichael, Rita Penney Marten, Jehanne Beaton Zirps, Tina Wahlert, and Susan Peterson

The AIW Journey, A Guide for Reflective Practice is a resource for coaches and teams interested in more reflective opportunities for staff engaged in AIW reform work. The guide is based on the the Center for AIW’s four guiding principles as they apply to an AIW team experience, for both individuals and as well as group.

This guide is meant to enhance the process of scoring, not replace it. It is a supplement to Teaching for Authentic Intellectual Work: Standards and Scoring Criteria for Teachers’ Tasks, Student Performance, and Instruction, the scoring manual used by AIW teams to score their tasks, student work and instruction.

$6.95, 24 pages, Purchase Here

The accompanying book, Teaching for Authentic Intellectual Work, is available here.

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AIW Materials Available at No Cost

Authentic Instruction and Assessment: Common Standards for Rigor and aiw assesment

Relevance in Teaching Academic Subjects

(2007) Fred M. Newmann, M. Bruce King, and Dana L. Carmichael

What should be the main goal for student learning across academic subjects in a school? The authors’ answer is straightforward—Authentic Intellectual Work. Based on analysis of adults working with knowledge, AIW is defined by three criteria — construction of knowledge, through disciplined inquiry, to produce discourse, products and performance that have value beyond school.

In this seminal book—referred to as “the Blue Book”—the authors argue that if schools put more effort into teaching in ways that help students perform Authentic Intellectual Work, students will be more engaged in schoolwork and be better prepared to handle intellectual challenges of the modern world. Plus, teachers will benefit from a stronger sense of professional community and find teaching itself more interesting.

Based on research and work in schools over more than 15 years, the authors summarize key studies, present standards and rubrics for the three criteria and suggest specific activities for teachers and administrators to support implementation.

Download a PDF of the “Blue Book”

Learning Team for Growth: A Guide for AIW Coach Reflection  aiw learning growth

(2012) Edited by Dana L. Carmichael

The Center for AIW’s mission is to fundamentally transform the quality of student learning through teacher professional development by using the AIW theoretical framework to foster deep reflective practice—with profound respect for the work and for the people doing it. The primary way that we accomplish this mission is through AIW Coaches. Coaches who facilitate the transformation of AIW teams, individual teachers and administrators affect learning for all their students. It’s a tremendous responsibility.

The purpose of this newly released guide is: (1) to provide a tool for AIW Coaches to de-privatize their work, (2) to help AIW Coaches engage in deeper self-reflection regarding their work in AIW, and (3) to support other AIW Coaches on their Learning Team for Growth journeys.

Download a PDF of the LT4G Guide

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