About AIW Coaching

The primary function of the AIW Coach is to facilitate collective scoring, discussion, and feedback on instruction, assignments and tasks, and student work, and offer course corrections for the AIW teams. Because the Center is committed to building local capacity, many schools choose to enroll staff in the local coaching academy. Local Coaches run the AIW professional development within the district or school.

Professional Development with AIW Coaches

Significant features of AIW professional development include:

  • Teachers, administrators, liaisons, and coaches form professional learning communities focused on the successful implementation of AIW.
  • Leadership Meetings focus on expansion within a school, appropriate allocation of resources, and deep understanding of the AIW framework.
  • Instructional personnel develop a common vision of quality instruction that is supported by research and aimed at improving student achievement.
  • Teachers, individually and collectively, become more reflective and apply AIW to everyday classroom practices.
  • Local capacity for sustainable reform increases over time.

Professional Development Workflow

The flowchart below illustrates the year-long cycle that AIW Coaches follow in the professional development of teachers in the AIW model. Through a team structure, teachers are provided with in-depth support so they can implement the AIW framework to help students perform at a higher quality of intellectual work.


Interested in becoming an AIW Coach? Learn The Process