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Helping Teachers and Districts Succeed Since 2007

Our mission is to fundamentally transform the quality of student learning through teacher professional development by using the AIW framework to foster deep reflective practice – with profound respect for the work and for the people doing it.


    • Develop higher order thinking
    • Demonstrate complex understanding of significant concepts, and
    • Engage in work that has meaning and value beyond school


The 5 Phases of Becoming an AIW School

  • Explore AIW

    The Process starts here. Where you assess where on the reform-ready spectrum your school is.

  • Pilot

    Fosters risk-taking and in-depth learning for 1-2 teams with a certified AIW Coach.

  • Expand

    Builds the collective, as more people join AIW teams until everyone participates.

  • Integrate

    Personalize learning, supporting individual journeys to strengthen the collective.

  • Innovate

    Incorporate in a new reform, while keeping AIW as the backdrop for rigorous teaching.


Collective Authentic Learning

By: Dana Carmichael / Sep 13th, 2016 / Blog

Welcome Back! As AIW educators settle into a new year of rigorous academic learning, several schools are taking learning one step further by launching collective initiatives for staff and students to grow socially and personally, as well as academically. I was struck by one urban school principal’s commitment in her welcome back to school letter: “Central … Continue reading “Collective Authentic Learning”

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Connecting Lessons to Life—Finding Value Beyond School

By: Dana Carmichael / Sep 6th, 2016 / Feature

Educators at AIW schools are settling into a new year of rigorous academic learning.  Many teachers are making efforts to deepen connections between classroom lessons and explore how the academic concepts play out in the real world. Lessons will have more focus and go beyond test-prep. Though master teachers may find these type of connections natural, teachers … Continue reading “Connecting Lessons to Life—Finding Value Beyond School”

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June’s Feature: The Center for AIW’s New Website

By: Dana Carmichael / Jun 13th, 2016 / Feature

For friends and family of school-age kids, summer is a time of transitions. It’s a chance to wish new graduates well as they embark on life’s…

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